The first annual Climate Coaching Action Day on 5 March 2020 a resounding success

The first-ever Climate Coaching Action Day took place on 5 March 2020 in a bid to inspire, inform, support and galvanise coaches to take action in a variety of ways to respond to the climate emergency, and support others to do so too.
A wide range of initiatives took place all over the world, including a mindfulness intention-setting practice to start the day, a 24-hour global conversation organised by the Climate Coaching Alliance exploring coaches’ responses to the climate crisis, a Coachathon with coaches offering pro-bono coaching around the crisis, and webinars including on ‘doing good versus avoiding bad’ (AngelosDerlopa and Maureen Purcell), the business of climate coaching (Heather Burns), kickstarting your climate coaching practice (Liz Hall and Charly Cox), and building psychological defences and coping strategies in climate and ecological crisis (Linda Aspey).

Coaching at Work magazine launched the initiative as one of a number of steps as part of its green pledge, including shifting to digital-only. Editor Liz Hall said, “We have been absolutely delighted by the response to the initiative, from many countries. People have been hugely creative and enthusiastic. There’s a strong sense that this really is just the beginning!”
Supporters include the EMCC, which has organised a series of webinars, and the Academy of Executive Coaching which organised two webinars and also donated to the UK conservation charity the Woodland Trust

Climate Change Coaches offered briefings before, during and after the day for those coaches taking part in the Coachathon.
Liz Hall co-hosted the opening mindfulness intention-setting session with Mark McMordie. She also was one of the co-hosts in the Climate Coaching Alliance 24-hour conversation, and co-hosted a session on kickstarting your climate coaching practice with co-founder of Climate Change Coaches, Charly Cox.

“It was humbling, empowering and inspiring taking part in and co-hosting sessions throughout the day. There is a real shift that’s palplable, coaches are really starting to gather momentum, and there’s a noticeable passion for making a difference. Themes include building community, ensuring self-care and energy management, sharing resources, being humble, and that actually coaches already pretty much have what they need. It was a wonderful experience,” said Liz Hall.

Other forthcoming initiatives to mark the Day include a five-part Climate Coaching series launched by the EMCC, a series by Kate Oldridge of coaching-relevant interviews with leading thinkers on climate crisis, and a workshop exploring climate change through art-based coaching with Anna Sheather on 23 April, and a series on the business of coaching from Heather Burns (founding CEO of Connecticut Sustainable Business Council).

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