Mindfulness programmes

  • I am a senior mental health therapist with 30-year experience in the NHS. I had taken on a new role as Clinical Lead within a mental health service 6 weeks before lockdown and had managed this challenging role for 18 months during the pandemic, but I had become overly helpful and 'giving' in an attempt to look after others and began to feel overwhelmed and in danger of becoming burnt out. I had also lost sight of what was important to me personally and the balance between work and the rest of my life had tipped. Through the ‘Coaching though Covid and Beyond’ offer I was fortunate to be matched with Liz.  

    Liz is warm and compassionate, and I felt she was highly attuned to my state of mind and through gentle astute questioning she challenged my perspectives and was able to help me tune into my own needs and recognise ways of managing that had become unhelpful.  I felt very connected to her and was grateful for the skilled and compassionate way she listened and gathered things together. She helped me to step out of my comfort zone and used practical techniques and mindfulness to enable me to consider ways of doing things differently. She held the boundaries of the session steadily which made me feel safe and braver to share.

    Through the coaching sessions I have recognised the need to give myself more thinking space, to slow down and be more self-compassionate, to say no/push back when things are not my responsibility or could be managed by others in the team. I am learning to delegate and be less of a helicopter manager! I have been able to feel more pleasure in outside work activities and restore some balance for which I am very grateful.

    Katie Reid
    Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

  • “I highly recommend the Mindfulness in Coaching workshop with Liz Hall. The learning was rich and powerful and highly experiential. In just one day, we covered a lot of territory and were able to go deeply into the learning experience. Liz has a lovely, light, touch and a real openness to the learning. I came away very satisfied and even more committed to the importance of mindfulness both in my personal practice and as a coach”.

    Aboodi Shabi,
    Coach and trainer, and Lecturer in Coaching and Behavioural Change, Henley Business School

  • “Brilliant workshop. Liz is a gifted writer and teacher. She has created a powerful model for coaching mindfully and my experience of using the model on the day was a revelation. Liz’s course is full of rich material and based on her comprehensive research on mindfulness. She skillfully combines sharing useful information with lots of opportunity to practice the learning. I thoroughly recommend Mindfulness for Coaches to every coach.”

    Marianne Craig,
    coach, MCC

  • “I found the Mindful Coaching workshop, like the book, insightful and inspiring. It has opened an invigorating avenue for exploration as I continue to evolve as a professional coach. I am particularly interested in what mindful practice can offer coaches and their clients in building resilience. Thank you”

    Tamsin Slyce,
    Director, Talking Talent

  • “Liz is a super teacher and guide. She is calm and thoughtful, with a quiet focus, which means participants enjoy a very relaxed but inspiring, uplifting and instructive workshop.”

    Julia Shorter,
    Business psychologist


  • “I was extremely fortunate to be recommended Liz as a coach by a work colleague. I am an Anaesthetist and have been heavily involved with the first and second COVID surges. Liz’s approach to coaching is warm and empathetic yet also very practical. My sessions with Liz were invaluable in giving me a safe space to talk through work issues, and she taught me many different tools to self-manage situations. The sessions were also helpful in supporting me to navigate a career path going forwards.”

    Consultant Anaesthetist
    London NHS Trust

  • “Liz helped me improve my effectiveness in leading a cross-functional team, improve my self-awareness and address a number of challenging situations involving multiple stakeholders.”

    John Newton,
    Former Global Sales Learning Director, NCR (now Head of Learning & Development at State of Flux)

  • “She is a highly experienced, outcome focused coach who was adept at facilitating an open and flowing conversation as well as encouraging me to identify specific areas to explore in-between sessions. This helped me to embed changes in my behaviour / approach in my normal working practices outside of the coaching session.Key outcomes included a more stable, cohesive and motivated team. I learnt a fair amount during the coaching sessions through a number of key insights about the people I managed and the way I was managing them. Liz created a positive environment for these insights to happen”

    Tamsin Cooper,
    (former) deputy director, Green Alliance

  • “Receiving coaching from Liz helped me to make sense of my priorities in life. After just one session with her I found more confidence from within: I developed a sense that I not only already had the knowledge of where I wanted to be professionally and personally, but also that I had the power and ability to make it happen. I was willing to try different techniques, and she took me through some excellent visualisation processes – the results of which I still draw upon today more than three years later. I had a period of about 18 months when I didn’t receive coaching from Liz, but when I needed a ‘top-up’ she was accommodating in terms of location and time, and had clearly remembered everything about me – which made that ‘refresher’ session very productive. She is happy to share a little of herself in her sessions, which makes the interaction feel more real and honest than other coaching experiences I have had. I cannot recommend Liz’s coaching highly enough.”

    Amy Wilson,
    Youth Music

  • “Liz is supportive but also clear and analytical, warm and caring …she has an immensely gentle approach, but at the same time – and this is what I value almost more than anything else – she won’t let you off the hook. She returns consistently to the central issues, and encourages me to look at them and consider the ways in which they might be addressed”

    SP, Published fiction writer

  • “I felt you were incredibly non-judgmental, I felt you were really listening and I can’t think of anyone I’d rather talk to about these issues”

    Sales manager

  • “Thanks so much for your “gritty and challenging” gems of wisdom – you (and the other coach) both gauged so well just what I needed…Your words of wisdom often ring in my ears as I face challenging situations.”

    Associate director, professional services organisation

  • “Being coached by Liz is a fascinating process, and an enabling experience which makes it possible to address seemingly stale and permanent “issues” that have been bogging me down for years”


  • “The coaching freed me up to have more genuine interactions with the children…. I feel more genuine and more useful …the kids are getting the message I am there to help them move forward, not to tell them off. For me it’s not necessarily about being happy with where I am now but accepting where I am and feeling freed from shackles.”

    Secondary school teacher