• Coaching in times of crisis and transformation in Arabic

  • Mindful Coaching in Korean

  • Liz Hall, Coach Your Team, Penguin Business Experts, 2019

    A practical guide for leaders who want to foster a culture where everyone has a chance to flourish, create and innovate while being happy and more resilient. It draws on cutting-edge, evidence-based techniques in coaching that focus on developing mindfulness and compassion in leaders
  • Liz Hall and others, Coaching in Times of Crisis and Transformation, Kogan Page, 2015

    “Liz Hall expertly intertwines relevant theory, the latest thinking of leading academics and real-world practice to provide coaches with an essential guide for working with people facing challenging transitions. Compelling, timely and inspiring!”

    Dr. Christian van Nieuwerburgh, (formerly) Centre for Coaching and Behavioural Change, Henley Business School
  • Liz Hall, Mindful Coaching: How Mindfulness can Transform Coaching Practice, Kogan Page, 2013

    "Reading Liz Hall’s Mindful Coaching will fill you with the awe of the French soldier who first brushed sand from the Rosetta Stone and knew something significant had just occurred. Liz has integrated three fields; coaching, health and resilience, and mindfulness to reveal a technique for helping others (and ourselves) pursue dreams and shared visions. These are the practices that will also transform teams, organizations and communities. Read this book slowly to fully grasp its significance!"

    (Professor Richard Boyatzis Case Western Reserve University, co-author of Primal Leadership)