Our services

(in English or Spanish) include:

  • Coaching
  • Coach training
  • Leadership development
  • Mindfulness
  • compassion development
  • Climate crisis workshops
  • Public speaking
  • Writing & editing

Our services

We typically work with others to help them:

  • Become more courageous & confident
  • Become more resilient & better able to manage stress,
    developing strategies such as mindfulness
  • Get more in touch with what really matters to them, revealing their values, passions and strengths, embodying these and acting accordingly
  • Discover meaning & purpose in their work and the rest of their lives
  • Develop a more fit-for-purpose collaborative, engaging & empowering leadership approach, and their own signature leadership style
  • Become better able to manage and make the most out of transitions
  • Become more deeply self aware
  • Become better able to build fruitful, strong, and fertile
    relationships with others- ones hallmarked by trust, respect, appreciation, compassion which foster conditions in which all can flourish
  • Become more authentically themselves, at, and outside of, work
  • Make better decisions
  • Become more creative and innovative
  • Become happier


We offer executive, personal, and team coaching.

What is coaching? What is Conscious Coaching?

Coaching is a co-created process to help people and organisations tap into their own wisdom so they can learn, fulfil their potential and flourish.

Conscious Coaching combines core coaching skills and techniques with the fields of mindfulness and compassion

Executive coaching has become a worldwide phenomenon. It’s used successfully across the globe to deliver numerous VUCA-relevant benefits, including increased resilience and ability to manage stress, higher emotional intelligence, enhanced flexibility and open-ness, shifting culture and creating new narratives. Increasing numbers of organisations now offer coaching internally to leaders and managers and in some cases other employees. Growing numbers are developing an organisation-wide coaching culture, training up their own internal coaches, and weaving coaching into leadership development. Coaching is considered a key leadership responsibility (e.g Grant and Hartley, 2016) and a core leadership competency. Coaching and mentoring is a core competency within emotional intelligence expert Daniel Goleman’sEmotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competencies framework he developed with Richard Boyatzis of Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, competencies which distinguish outstanding leaders from those with average abilities in their field.

Conscious Coaching

Many organisations including Pinsent Masons and leaders including Iñigo Castillo from Renolit and India-based Matthew Runeckles from Société
Generale (case studies in Liz Hall’s latest book, Coach your Team, Penguin, 2019) are recognizing that coaching and mindfulness are, as we believe, a match made in heaven. Whilst they are separate interventions, they can be combined or offered alongside one another in various ways to great effect, especially if supported by initiatives to build compassion. The sum of the whole is most definitely much more than the sum of the parts.

Both mindfulness and coaching have stood the test of time, and are clearly not a fad. And we believe they’re just what’s needed in the current and future climate. If we add in compassion, described by some as the next frontier of mindfulness, but which for many of us is already core in how we approach mindfulness, we have a very potent crucible for transformation, a powerful cocktail for shifting leadership styles and organisational culture. It’s what we call Conscious Coaching.


We offer a range of mindfulness development
programmes. These include:

  • Mindfulness coaching (where a coach will support you an individual or a team to become more mindful)
  • Short in-house introductory sessions for individuals, teams &
    organisations- leaders, coaches or other employees
    One- day mindfulness workshops
  • Mindfulness-based leadership development through coaching
    programmes or incorporated into leadership development
  • Customisedmindfulness-based development programmes
    including for stress management, boosting resilience, enhancing emotional intelligence, and developing creativity
  • Mindfulness programmes for the general public including
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

What is mindfulness? It’s:

  • A form of mind training which involves paying attention intentionally in the present moment in a certain way- including with curiosity, open-ness and kindn
  • An integrative, mind-body-heart based approach that changes how people think and feel about their experiences
  • A philosophy – a way of being & a way of doing

Mindfulness is being rolled out in organisations including in Google, EY, and the Armed Forces, with individuals, teams and to transform organisational culture. It’s being introduced in schools all over the world. And in the healthcare arena, it’s become one of the go-to-therapies for recurrent depression and a host of other mental and physical conditions. For the leaders, coaches and members of the general public we work with, mindfulness is helping them to be more resilient, better able to work with complexity and ambiguity, more creative, have more mental clarity, and to be much more emotionally intelligent resulting in vastly enhanced relationships with themselves and others. And to be much happier, which arguably is the most important benefit of all.

Mindfulness is perfect for these times- a study by Ashridge Executive Education of leaders who’d trained in mindfulness over eight weeks found that they were more resilient, more collaborative and better able to lead in complex conditions, for example. And the benefits enjoyed by mindful leaders and managers ripple out through the rest of the organisation.


  • he sensitivity to suffering in ourselves and others, combined with the sincere wish to relieve it. It’s sometimes described as empathy with actio

Often combined with mindfulness development, developing compassion is fast following in the footsteps of mindfulness in terms of the wide range of applications including in leadership and healthcare, and the burgeoning evidence base. Researched benefits of developing compassion include greater resilience and enhanced emotional intelligence. Developing compassion improvesthe quality of relationships, builds trust & strengthens shared values of inter-connectedness (e.g. Dutton, Lilius&Kanov, 2007; Roffey Park)

Other Services

Climate Crisis

We offer climate crisis coaching. This includes supporting clients to explore and manage their emotional response to the climate emergency- we find more and more people are experiencing grief, and suffering from individual & collective trauma arising from what’s happening in our world. Some of this is offered on a pro-bono basis as one of our contributions to

We also offer in-house workshops in which we typically will explore how participants can be more resilient, emotionally intelligent and purposeful

Coach Training

We offer a range of training programmes for internal & external practicing coaches, including Conscious Coaching- mindfulness & compassion-based development for coaches. We also train leaders and managers as coaches.

Leadership development

We coach leaders individually and also offer group leadership development programmes, including mindfulness-based & leader-as-coach training.

Public Speaking

We have plenty of experience speaking at in-house and external conferences, on coaching, leadership, mindfulness and compassion.

Writing & editing

We love to write about topics including coaching, leadership, mindfulness and compassion, and to help others be more creative in their writing.